17 February 2015

Trial e-Resource - The Philosopher’s Index with Full Text

The Library has a current trial of The Philosopher’s Index with Full Text database, until 18 March 2015. 

Considered to be the the world's premier index to scholarly philosophical publications, this database indexes over 680 international journals, as well as books, anthologies, book reviews, etc., from 1940 to the present. 

The full-text version offers over 200 key full-text titles, including:  

Analysis, Anuario Filosofico, British Journal for the History of Philosophy, Canadian Journal of Philosophy, Deutsche Zeitschrift fűr Philosophie, Ethics, Journal of Chinese Philosophy, The Journal of Philosophy, Monist, Nous, The Philosophical Quarterly, Philosophical Studies, Philosophy Compass, and Review of Metaphysics. 

All major areas of philosophy are covered - aesthetics, axiology, epistemology, ethics, metaphilosophy, metaphysics, logic, political and social philosophy, as well as material on the philosophy of anthropology, education, history, language, law, religion and science.

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