23 February 2015

Trial e-Resource - Punch Historical Archive 1841-1992

Our trial of Punch Historical Archive is now accessible, and will last until 19 March 2015.  The Archive contains the complete Punch from 1841 to 1992 - 200,000 pages in all. 

Famous as a source for the study of the Victorian Era, Punch is an unrivalled resource for researching 19th and 20th century political and social history, perceptions of science and technological change, the arts and media.    

Other major research themes include colonialism and the rise and decline of Empire, the Cold War and other conflicts, the impact of new technologies and modernity on daily life, growing concerns for the environment, and the changing role of women. 

Among the treasures in the archive are prose by England’s finest comic writers and superb full-page political and ‘social’ cartoons by brilliant artists which provide incisive critiques of 19th and 20th century life. 

Punch Historical Archive 1841–1992 is part of the Gale NewsVault programme and can be cross-searched with Gale’s range of historical newspaper collections including The Times Digital Archive and The Illustrated London News Historical Archive.

 NB: if a password if required for access, please contact library@st-andrews.ac.uk (Univ of St Andrews users only) 

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