16 March 2015

Trial e-Resource - Archives Unbound: French Royal Acts 1256-1794

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Archives Unbound: French Royal Acts 1256-1794 is our latest database trial. We have free access to it until 13 April 2015. 

French Royal Acts, 1256-1794 is a unique collection of over 16,000 pamphlets and pronouncements, detailing the financial and political government of France, from the late 13th century to the end of the monarchy.

Nearly three-quarters of the pamphlets are concentrated in the 18th century; a considerable number are of earlier origin. Among the topics covered are: 
  • Fiscal matters in the Chambre des Comptes, including annuities, appointments and sales of offices
  • Taxation and tariffs on goods
  • Toll collections, primarily of the 18th century; including tax on river passage through land-owners’ property
  • Bridge and road toll disputes
  • Salt taxation, trade and smuggling
  • Criminal justice, primarily from 1720 forward
  • John Law’s attempts at reorganization of the financial system, including Compagnie des Indes and currency devaluation
  • Military administration, including Army and Navy Book printing and prohibitions, especially those of religious or political nature
French Royal Acts, 1256-1794 supports research in French and European history, 20th century France, French monarchy, French life and law, politics, trade, criminal justice, treaties, financial administration of France, and French literature and language.

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