19 March 2015

Trial e-Resource - Archives Unbound: Witchcraft in Europe and America

A trial of the Archives Unbound: Witchcraft in Europe and America database, has been added to our current trial of Archives Unbound: French Royal Acts 1256-1794. We have access until 13 April.

To select a specific database, click on the Browse Collections link (via the link above) and choose the database you want.  

This comprehensive collection of digitised historical documents on witchcraft allows the exploration of the social, religious and intellectual conditions that fostered the witchcraft hysteria and allowed the deaths of a quarter of a million people

The texts date from the 15th-early 20th centuries, with most of the material from the 16th-18th centuries.  They include many rare manuscripts containing eyewitness accounts and court records of the trials of witches, including harrowing original manuscript depositions taken from the victims in the torture chamber.

The collection also includes:
  • Anti-persecution writings
  • Works by penologists
  • Legal and church documents
  • Exposés of persecutions
  • Philosophical writings
  • Transcripts of trials and exorcisms
This collection unlocks much more than the world of witchcraft alone; spanning the 15th to 20th centuries, it also enables researchers to trace the history and culture of European civilization during the Renaissance and Enlightenment. 

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