11 March 2015

Trial e-Resource - British Newspapers Parts III and IV

We have been given free access to British Newspapers Parts III and IV, until 13 April 2015.

We already have subscribed access to British Newspapers Parts I and II which also cross-searches The Burney Collection, a large collection of 17th and 18th century newspapers.
Part III adds even more regional and local papers from the late 18th - mid 20th Century, adding more than 30 newspapers and nearly 1.2 million pages
Part IV provides a range of publications to reflect the social, political, and cultural events of the times, and includes such titles as:

Aberdeen Journal - 1901-1950
The Belfast Morning News - 1857-1867
Cambridge Independent Press - 1939-1920
Dundee Courier - 1901-1950
Edinburgh Evening News - 1873-1906
Liverpool Daily Post - 1855-1867
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