19 April 2015

Springer e-books - over 6,700 more permanent-access titles purchased

The recent SHEDL (Scottish Higher Education Digital Library) collaborative purchasing consortium negotiation with e-book publishers has resulted in an outright collective purchase of the 12 Springer subject e-book collections. 

After the end of the recent extended trial period for Springer e-book content, usage statistics were used to identify the most heavily-used titles for permanent-access purchase (Evidence Based Selection), across all the SHEDL libraries.

We now have access to the 2015 Springer titles, through the Springer website, and details of these will be added to SAULCAT shortly.

St Andrews also has permanent access to all the other e-books bought by other SHEDL libraries, after the end of the initial trial period.

The agreement includes:

  •  over 6,700 books, in total
  • collections covering 2010-2016 (end of 2015), though the agreement may be extended later, to include other years
  • material is owned in perpetuity
  • German language material is excluded
  • all textbooks, monographs, book series, and reference works are included
  • material is 100% Digital Rights Management (DRM) free, so it's possible for you to print and e-mail chapters without restriction
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