14 April 2015

Trial e-Resource - Church Missionary Society Periodicals: Global Missions and Contemporary Encounters

“A world history teacher would be challenged to find a more useful primary source material than this.” 
 Professor Phillip A. Cantrell

We are delighted to offer free trial access to the recently-launched Church Missionary Society Periodicals: Global Missions and Contemporary Encounters database, until 14 May 2015. 

As the name suggests, the content is composed of publications from the Church Missionary Society and the South American Missionary Society, between 1804-2009.  Founded in 1799, CMS's aims included world evangelisation, and it established Anglican churches across Africa, the Mediterranean, the Middle East, Asia, Oceania and the Americas.

The Church Missionary Society Periodicals database includes journals, reports, letters, accounts of indigenous peoples, births, marriages and deaths, images and maps, as well as a Register of Missionaries 1804-1928, which detailed their movements.

This is a unique new resource for research on the role of religion and its interaction with Western and non-Western worlds; missionary activity across three centuries; world history and cultural encounters, in addition to:
  • Colonialism and Decolonisation
  • Education
  • Medicine and Health
  • Gender and Women’s Studies
  • Social history
  • Sociology
  • Slavery and Anti-Slavery
  • Evangelism
Periodical Titles include:
  • The CMS Gleaner (continued as CMS Outlook and then Yes Magazine)
  • The CMS Intelligencer (continued as Church Missionary Review)
  • Ruanda Notes (MAM News)
  • South American Missionary Society Magazin
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