17 April 2015

Trial e-Resource - The Listener Historical Archive

The End of the War in Europe
We are fortunate to have a free trial of The Listener Historical Archive (1929-1991) until 6 May 2015.

The Listener was the weekly newspaper published by the BBC between 1929-1991, and developed as the medium for reproducing radio - and later, television - programmes in print. It is the only record and means of accessing the content of many early broadcasts.

The complete online archive acts a witness to the intellectual and cultural history of the 20th Century, and to the 'golden years' of radio and television.

The Listener Historical Archive includes major contributors such as Forster, Orwell and Bertrand Russell, and also provided an important platform for new writers and poets, of the time - Auden, Plath and Larkin being notable examples.

As well as expanding on the intellectual broadcasts of the week, The Listener also discussed major literary and musical programmes, and regularly reviewed new books. 10% of its content was not connected to broadcasting at all, and the often diverse articles were underpinned by the BBC's cultural mission of educating the masses.

Having chronicled the transformative rise of radio and television, The Listener finally ceased publication in 1991, just at the dawn of the internet age.

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