16 April 2015

Trial e-Resource - Nineteenth Century Collections Online: Mapping the World: Maps and Travel Literature

A 17th Century map of present day Manhattan, from the collection of King George III
British Library
We also have trial access to the Nineteenth Century Collections: Mapping the World: Maps and Travel Literature database, until 6 May 2015.

This NCCO Archive offers a wide range of fully-searchable, historical maps representing the 19th Century, which saw a tremendous growth in maps and mapmaking. During this period, huge changes in industrialisation, imperialism, tourism and exploration created a new demand for reliable maps.

NCCO: Mapping the World: Maps and Travel Literature provides:
  • a wide range of searchable, full-image maps, travel diaries, gazetteers, and guide books
  • rich insight into the era of cartography; highlights the changes taking place in map-making and provides a glimpse into the age of imperialism
  • and reflects the vast exploration that took place during the 19th century
Contents include:
  • maritime/nautical charts
  • battlefields
  • Ordnance surveys
  • gazetteers
  • topographical Maps
  • European, Asian and Mid-East travel maps
  • atlases/manuscripts
  • travel guides, handbooks and travelogues
Maps have been selected from the large map collections of the British Library and the National Archives at Kew, and the American Antiquarian Society.

NB: The Library has previously purchased permanent access to the first 4 NCCO archives:
  • British Politics and Society
  • European Literature, 1790-1840: The Corvey Collection
  • Asia and the West: Diplomacy and Cultural Exchange
  • British Theatre, Music,and Literature: High and Popular Culture

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