28 February 2015

Library support for Open Book Publishers (open access e-books)

The Library has joined the innovative Open Book Publishers Scheme and is actively supporting Open Book Publishers' aim of publishing high-quality Open Access academic monographs.

Open Book Publishers was founded in 2008 by a group of academics at the University of Cambridge.  It has since grown into an international network of scholars who believe that it is time for academic publishing to become fairer, faster and more accessible. 

Open Access is seen as the future of academic publishing.

Our membership includes:
  • an additional 12-18 new scholarly Open Access research monographs, to be published in the next 12 months
  • students and staff can read and download digital editions of any title, for free (in pdf, epub, mobi formats)

  • books can be read via the Open Book website, downloaded, re-used or embedded anywhere.
  • permanent access to all titles
  • 15% discount for staff and students, on print copies of the published titles, purchased through the Open Book website
Please see the Open Access LibGuide for information about the Library's Open Access work and staff contact details

27 February 2015

Thesaurus Linguae Graecae (TLG) - new enhanced platform

The Thesaurus Linguae Graecae (TLG) database has been substantially enhanced, and the new platform offers a number of new features, including:
Help files and video tutorials are available.

The goal of the Online TLG is to create a comprehensive digital library of Greek literature from antiquity to the present era. 

So far, it has collected and digitised most texts written in Greek from Homer (8 c. B.C.) to the fall of Byzantium in AD 1453, and contains more than 110 million words from over 10,000 works. It is constantly updated and improved.

Please note: all St Andrews users need to create a user profile in order to use the TLG

26 February 2015

Electronic Enlightenment - Training Session on 4 March

Why not join an online demonstration/training session on Wednesday 4 March at 10.00, to get the most out of Electronic Enlightenment, one of the many databases subscribed to by the Library. 

Electronic Enlightenment is a fascinating online collection of over 67,875 historical letters and documents linking people across Europe, the Americas and Asia, from the early 17th to the mid-19th century.

Over 8,331 historical figures discuss everything from religious tolerance to animal rights, vulcanology to classical archaeology, economic modelling to celebrity culture.

The 40-45 minute training session will be held by Jonathan Wakeford, an OUP trainer. It will look at different search options, features and practical uses of the database, and there will also be an opportunity for you to ask questions.  It is is open to anyone and is free of charge.

You can access the session from anywhere - all you need is a computer with an Internet connection,  WebEx conferencing software and sound.  

Please register here if you would like to attend. You will receive an invitation which contains details of how to log in to the session

23 February 2015

Trial e-Resource - Punch Historical Archive 1841-1992

Our trial of Punch Historical Archive is now accessible, and will last until 19 March 2015.  The Archive contains the complete Punch from 1841 to 1992 - 200,000 pages in all. 

Famous as a source for the study of the Victorian Era, Punch is an unrivalled resource for researching 19th and 20th century political and social history, perceptions of science and technological change, the arts and media.    

Other major research themes include colonialism and the rise and decline of Empire, the Cold War and other conflicts, the impact of new technologies and modernity on daily life, growing concerns for the environment, and the changing role of women. 

Among the treasures in the archive are prose by England’s finest comic writers and superb full-page political and ‘social’ cartoons by brilliant artists which provide incisive critiques of 19th and 20th century life. 

Punch Historical Archive 1841–1992 is part of the Gale NewsVault programme and can be cross-searched with Gale’s range of historical newspaper collections including The Times Digital Archive and The Illustrated London News Historical Archive.

 NB: if a password if required for access, please contact library@st-andrews.ac.uk (Univ of St Andrews users only) 

18 February 2015

Artstor - over 151,000 new images

Hans Holbein the Younger | Jean de Dinteville and Georges de Selve (‘The Ambassadors’) | 1533 | The National Gallery, London | Photograph ©The National Gallery, London
Take a closer look
Over 151,000 new images were added to the Artstor Digital Library in 2014, from prestigious subject collections at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, the Art Gallery of Ontario, the American Museum of Natural History, etc.

It now contains more than 1.8 million images from international museums, photographers, libraries, scholars, photo archives, artists and artists' estates. (List of Collections)

Artstor is relevant for teaching and research in a wide range of subjects - anthropology, art, architecture, classics, history, literature, music, religion, literature, medieval and Renaissance Studies, photography, etc. (Artstor Subject Guides)

Register with your University e-mail address and self-chosen password in the 'Artstor Digital Library: Enter Here' box, to gain access to:
  • browse images by collection, classification, or geography
  • zoom in on and pan images
  • organise images into groups, add notes, save and share with others
  • upload and manage personal images and sound files in ARTstor 
  • present ARTstor images alongside your personal images, both online and offline (learn more)
  • add and share personal, institutional, and contributed collections (learn more)
  • integrate ARTstor content with Blackboard, WebCT, or Moodle  (learn more)
  • download images to PowerPoint and ARTstor's Offline Image Viewer (OIV) 
  • export citations for images or image groups into RefWorks, ProCite, etc
Teaching staff at St Andrews should get in touch for an account with full Instructor privileges

Work is also taking place to expand the Images for Academic Publishing program, which makes available publication-quality images for scholarly publishing, free of charge

17 February 2015

Trial e-Resource - The Philosopher’s Index with Full Text

The Library has a current trial of The Philosopher’s Index with Full Text database, until 18 March 2015. 

Considered to be the the world's premier index to scholarly philosophical publications, this database indexes over 680 international journals, as well as books, anthologies, book reviews, etc., from 1940 to the present. 

The full-text version offers over 200 key full-text titles, including:  

Analysis, Anuario Filosofico, British Journal for the History of Philosophy, Canadian Journal of Philosophy, Deutsche Zeitschrift fűr Philosophie, Ethics, Journal of Chinese Philosophy, The Journal of Philosophy, Monist, Nous, The Philosophical Quarterly, Philosophical Studies, Philosophy Compass, and Review of Metaphysics. 

All major areas of philosophy are covered - aesthetics, axiology, epistemology, ethics, metaphilosophy, metaphysics, logic, political and social philosophy, as well as material on the philosophy of anthropology, education, history, language, law, religion and science.

14 February 2015

New website for Jorum (Open Educational Resources)

The new website for Jorum is now available at http://beta-web.jorum.ac.uk/

Jorum is the UK's largest repository for discovering and sharing Open Educational Resources for Higher Education and Further Education.

It contains over 16,000 contributed resources which can be used for teaching.

Jorum forms part of Mimas, part of the Digital Resources division of Jisc. Its purpose is to develop technology that makes information accessible to those who need it for education and research.

The word Jorum is of biblical origin and means a collecting (or drinking) bowl

13 February 2015

Trial e-Resource - Mathematical Sciences Publishers e-journals

Our trial of the Mathematical Sciences Publishers e-journals has begun, and lasts until 15 April 2015.

The following journals are included: 

Algebra & Number Theory

Algebraic & Geometric Topology         

Analysis & PDE

Communications in Applied Mathematics and Computational Science

Geometry & Topology

Involve: A Journal of Mathematics

Journal of Mechanics of Materials and Structures

The trial also includes the following Associate journals: 

Annals of Mathematics

Journal of Software for Algebra and Geometry

Mathematics and Mechanics of Complex Systems (Open access) 

Pacific Journal of Mathematics

Please note:  MSP prohibits systematic downloading of entire volumes and issues