23 April 2015

New - RSC (Royal Society of Chemistry) mobile app for Androids

The free Royal Society of Chemistry mobile app is now available for Androids as well as on iTunes.

Using the RSC Mobile app enables you to access the content of more than 30 RSC journals subscribed to by the Library, in the same way as you would access, using the University's network.

It allows you to:
  • access the latest RSC journals 
  • obtain full text access to the RSC journals subscribed to by the Library
  • read the latest news from the RSC Publishing Platform 
  • save articles for offline reading 
  • share your favourite content via email, Twitter or Facebook    
For more information on the RSC Mobile app, or to download from iTunes or to an Android :
  • click here
  • or download by clicking on the logos below:
Android Market App RSC Mobile app available on iTunes

Naxos Music Library and Naxos Music Library Jazz

A reminder that you have access to the following two music databases from Naxos:

Lucia di Lammermoor [Opera
Naxos Music Library

A digital sound database of Classical, Jazz, World, Classic Rock, and Nostalgia music, containing the complete catalogues or selected recordings of over 640 labels, such as ARC, Berlin Classics, Chandos, EMI Classics, Naxos, RCA Records, Sony Classics, and many others.

Described as 'the world's most comprehensive collection of classical music online', it allows streamed access to the equivalent of more than 1,608,200 tracks. Over 800 CD-length recordings are added every month. 

Naxos Music Library Jazz

(THE): Between or Beyond

One of the most comprehensive collections of international Jazz music available, offering streamed online access to a wide range of jazz. Over 32,000 artists are represented.

Music comes from over 250 labels, and includes the catalogues of Blue Note Records, Warner Jazz, EMI, Fantasy and others

The Naxos Music Library Jazz App is available through the iTunes App Store.

We have 5 concurrent user accesses to these databases

22 April 2015

Early English Books Online - over 182,000 new records added to SAULCAT

Over 182,000 new e-book records have been added to SAULCAT, recently - they represent the content of Eighteenth Century Collections Online (ECCO), one of the three collections forming the Historical Texts database.

Coming soon are a further 125,000 e-book records for the Early English Books Online (EEBO) content, plus another 65,000 records for the titles held in the British Library 19th Century Collection.  These three collections can be cross-searched simultaneously as the Historical Texts database.

We already have records in SAULCAT for EEBO through another provider's platform (Proquest), so once the new EEBO records for the Historical Texts platform are added, you will benefit from having a choice of platforms.

21 April 2015

DOI's - what, where and why?

The DOI (Digital Object Identifier) website will tell you all you want to know, but here's a quick summary, in a Library context:

what? - it's a system for identifying content objects in the digital environment. DOI names are assigned to any entity and used to provide current information, including where they (or information about them) can be found on the Internet. Information about a digital object may change over time, including where to find it, but its DOI name will not change.

where? - usually found on the first page of an e-journal article, near the author's address or the copyright notice; in the top-left hand corner of abstracts; in the Table of Contents; at the top or bottom of an article, or in the DOI field in the record for an article in a database

DOI's usually appear in the following form:
Digital Object Identifier: 10.4225/01/4F3DB08617645
(The prefix always begins with 10.xxxx/ where x is the unique number given to a publisher in the DOI system, and the suffix indicates the individual item or document). 

To convert a DOI into a web link, simply add it to the end of a 'DOI resolver', such as : http://dx.doi.org/

why? - Using DOI names as identifiers makes managing intellectual property in a networked environment much easier and more convenient, and allows automated services and transactions to be constructed.

New - access Eighteenth Century Collections Online (ECCO) on alternative Gale platform

Eighteenth Century Collections Online (ECCO) is a digital collection of more than 180,000 titles published in Great Britain and its colonies during the 18th Century.

Until now, we have had access to Eighteenth Century Collections Online (ECCO), together with Early English Books Online (EEBO), and the 65,000 texts in the British Library 19th Century Collection through the cross-searchable Historical Texts database.

However, we also now have access to ECCO through the alternative Gale platform, thus affording you a choice of platforms.

20 April 2015

Trial e-Resource - Nineteenth Century US Newspapers

Nineteenth Century U.S. Newspapers contains the full-text of over 500 urban and rural newspapers from 19th Century America. We have been granted trial access until 6 May 2015.

Nearly two million pages of primary source newspaper content - most never before available online - give a unique, 'as-it-happened' perspective on newd, events, culture and daily life in the America of the 1800's. 

The19th Century newspaper press helped to create an environment of free expression that typified both America and the American.

Newspapers were the lifeblood of the new republic, and their contents helped to shape the nation’s identity, carrying not just stories that unified American opinions, interests and norms, but ones that fuelled the crucial debates of the day.

The collection includes information on:
  • American Civil War
  • African-American culture and history
  • Western migration
  • Antebellum-era life, and other major topics
Contents includes both major newspapers, and ones published by African Americans, Native Americans, women’s rights groups, labour groups, the Confederacy and other select groups.

Nineteenth Century U.S. Newspapers is invaluable for historical research across a wide range of subjects, providing, as it does, 'firsthand accounts of history'. 

Trial e-Resource - The Daily Mail Historical Archive 1896-2004

The Daily Mail Historical Archive, 1896-2004 joins our list of current database trials, available until 6 May 2015.

For more than 100 years, the Daily Mail has been a major UK national newspaper acting as a barometer of 20th century popular culture and tastes, and sometimes helping to influence government policy. 

It has a circulation of over 2 million, and its website is the most visited news site in the world.

The Daily Mail is regarded as a ‘middle class/middle market’ newspaper and it provides an important alternative perspective to ‘the newspaper of record', The Times.  It serves as the perfect complement to The Times Digital Archive for students/researchers who require multiple viewpoints to understand the past.

The fully-searchable content includes large numbers of news stories, advertisements and images that capture 20th Century culture and society.

The Archive also includes the Atlantic Editions, printed on board the transatlantic cruise liners between 1923-1931.

19 April 2015

Springer e-books - over 6,700 more permanent-access titles purchased

The recent SHEDL (Scottish Higher Education Digital Library) collaborative purchasing consortium negotiation with e-book publishers has resulted in an outright collective purchase of the 12 Springer subject e-book collections. 

After the end of the recent extended trial period for Springer e-book content, usage statistics were used to identify the most heavily-used titles for permanent-access purchase (Evidence Based Selection), across all the SHEDL libraries.

We now have access to the 2015 Springer titles, through the Springer website, and details of these will be added to SAULCAT shortly.

St Andrews also has permanent access to all the other e-books bought by other SHEDL libraries, after the end of the initial trial period.

The agreement includes:

  •  over 6,700 books, in total
  • collections covering 2010-2016 (end of 2015), though the agreement may be extended later, to include other years
  • material is owned in perpetuity
  • German language material is excluded
  • all textbooks, monographs, book series, and reference works are included
  • material is 100% Digital Rights Management (DRM) free, so it's possible for you to print and e-mail chapters without restriction
  • 17 April 2015

    Trial e-Resource - The Listener Historical Archive

    The End of the War in Europe
    We are fortunate to have a free trial of The Listener Historical Archive (1929-1991) until 6 May 2015.

    The Listener was the weekly newspaper published by the BBC between 1929-1991, and developed as the medium for reproducing radio - and later, television - programmes in print. It is the only record and means of accessing the content of many early broadcasts.

    The complete online archive acts a witness to the intellectual and cultural history of the 20th Century, and to the 'golden years' of radio and television.

    The Listener Historical Archive includes major contributors such as Forster, Orwell and Bertrand Russell, and also provided an important platform for new writers and poets, of the time - Auden, Plath and Larkin being notable examples.

    As well as expanding on the intellectual broadcasts of the week, The Listener also discussed major literary and musical programmes, and regularly reviewed new books. 10% of its content was not connected to broadcasting at all, and the often diverse articles were underpinned by the BBC's cultural mission of educating the masses.

    Having chronicled the transformative rise of radio and television, The Listener finally ceased publication in 1991, just at the dawn of the internet age.

    16 April 2015

    Trial e-Resource - Nineteenth Century Collections Online: Mapping the World: Maps and Travel Literature

    A 17th Century map of present day Manhattan, from the collection of King George III
    British Library
    We also have trial access to the Nineteenth Century Collections: Mapping the World: Maps and Travel Literature database, until 6 May 2015.

    This NCCO Archive offers a wide range of fully-searchable, historical maps representing the 19th Century, which saw a tremendous growth in maps and mapmaking. During this period, huge changes in industrialisation, imperialism, tourism and exploration created a new demand for reliable maps.

    NCCO: Mapping the World: Maps and Travel Literature provides:
    • a wide range of searchable, full-image maps, travel diaries, gazetteers, and guide books
    • rich insight into the era of cartography; highlights the changes taking place in map-making and provides a glimpse into the age of imperialism
    • and reflects the vast exploration that took place during the 19th century
    Contents include:
    • maritime/nautical charts
    • battlefields
    • Ordnance surveys
    • gazetteers
    • topographical Maps
    • European, Asian and Mid-East travel maps
    • atlases/manuscripts
    • travel guides, handbooks and travelogues
    Maps have been selected from the large map collections of the British Library and the National Archives at Kew, and the American Antiquarian Society.

    NB: The Library has previously purchased permanent access to the first 4 NCCO archives:
    • British Politics and Society
    • European Literature, 1790-1840: The Corvey Collection
    • Asia and the West: Diplomacy and Cultural Exchange
    • British Theatre, Music,and Literature: High and Popular Culture

    15 April 2015

    Trial e-Resource - Nineteenth Century Collections Online: Women: Transnational Networks

    Members of The Girls Friendly Society pictured with the Princess Mary Caravan
    © Shutterstock
    We have trial access to the Nineteenth Century Collections: Women: Transnational Networks database, until 6 May 2015. 

    This NCCO Archive offers a wide range of international primary source documents - journals, books, manuscripts, diaries, reports, images, etc - on gender and class issues from the late 18th Century to the era of suffrage in the early 20th Century.

    It includes 19th Century debate, in the context of suffrage movements, on daily life, high and 'low' culture, immigration, health, literature and the arts, religion, social reform movements and groups, and many other issues. 

    Women: Transnational Networks is an excellent research resource for history, sociology, women’s studies, medicine and many other disciplines.

    The Archive includes collections such as:
    NB: The Library has previously purchased permanent access to the first 4 NCCO archives:
    • British Politics and Society
    • European Literature, 1790-1840: The Corvey Collection
    • Asia and the West: Diplomacy and Cultural Exchange
    • British Theatre, Music,and Literature: High and Popular Culture

    14 April 2015

    Trial e-Resource - Church Missionary Society Periodicals: Global Missions and Contemporary Encounters

    “A world history teacher would be challenged to find a more useful primary source material than this.” 
     Professor Phillip A. Cantrell

    We are delighted to offer free trial access to the recently-launched Church Missionary Society Periodicals: Global Missions and Contemporary Encounters database, until 14 May 2015. 

    As the name suggests, the content is composed of publications from the Church Missionary Society and the South American Missionary Society, between 1804-2009.  Founded in 1799, CMS's aims included world evangelisation, and it established Anglican churches across Africa, the Mediterranean, the Middle East, Asia, Oceania and the Americas.

    The Church Missionary Society Periodicals database includes journals, reports, letters, accounts of indigenous peoples, births, marriages and deaths, images and maps, as well as a Register of Missionaries 1804-1928, which detailed their movements.

    This is a unique new resource for research on the role of religion and its interaction with Western and non-Western worlds; missionary activity across three centuries; world history and cultural encounters, in addition to:
    • Colonialism and Decolonisation
    • Education
    • Medicine and Health
    • Gender and Women’s Studies
    • Social history
    • Sociology
    • Slavery and Anti-Slavery
    • Evangelism
    Periodical Titles include:
    • The CMS Gleaner (continued as CMS Outlook and then Yes Magazine)
    • The CMS Intelligencer (continued as Church Missionary Review)
    • Ruanda Notes (MAM News)
    • South American Missionary Society Magazin
    Webinar - sign up for a free 30-minute webinar on 22 April 2015
    Please note - PDF downloads are not available during trials